Rates of the Hotel Mogador

Best rates guaranteed

  • Extra bed (on request: € 16 per day
  • Cot (on request): € 10 per day
  • Breakfast buffet: € 12 per day and person
  • Child breakfast (under 6 years old): € 6 per day and per person
  • Tourist tax: € 1,88 € per day and person
  • Late check-out: until 2pm, / € 50 extra charge
  • WiFi: free of charge
  • Parking: € 33 per day and per car (reservation required)
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General conditions of sale and Internal Rules

The rates are displayed including VAT. The tourist tax, the state or local taxes are not included.

All rooms are non-smoking. The hotel reserves the right to reclaim the amount of one night for additional cleaning costs to the customer who smokes in his room.

Pets are not allowed.

The guest is reminded of the fact that in accordance with Article L. 121-21-8 12 of the French Consumption Code he does not have any right of withdrawal in accordance with Article L. 121-21 of the Consumption Code. The conditions of sale of the reserved rate specify the terms for cancellation and/or modification of the reservation.

After having contacted the litigation department and in the absence of a satisfactory response within 1 month, the customer may contact the Tourism and Travel Mediator, whose contact details are given below: Postal address: Mediation Tourism and Travel BP 80 303 75 823 Paris Cedex 17. Website: www.mtv.travel





The client accepts and undertakes to comply with said regulations, the provisions of which apply both to himself and to any occupant of his doing.



The hotelier reserves the right not to receive customers whose dress is indecent and/or negligent, whose behavior is noisy, incorrect and/or alcoholic, or whose behavior is contrary to morality and/or public order. Proper attire is required in public areas of the hotel.

The customer is courteous and respectful towards the hotel staff. The client refrains from any verbal or physical violence, any behavior, or comments of a sexual, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic nature, as well as any form of harassment.



On arrival, unless agreed by the hotelier, the customer cannot demand to occupy the room before 3 p.m. Nightly rental ends at 11 a.m. regardless of the customer's arrival time.

Anyone entering the hotel must report to Reception.

Anyone staying in the establishment must present a valid identity document at check-in. Failing this, the hotelier may refuse to rent her a room and/or cancel the reservation she had made.

Minors unaccompanied by a person having parental authority must present an identity document as well as an authorization – disclaimer established by the person having parental authority. Otherwise, the minor will not be accepted. Accompanied minors are the responsibility of the accompanying adult for the duration of their stay in the Hotel.

Foreign residents, including accompanying persons and adolescents over the age of 15, must complete an "individual police form".

The hotelier will ask for a flat rate guarantee per night to cover extras.



Given the regulations relating to fire safety, the customer cannot reserve a room for a number of people greater than that planned and/or have the room occupied by a number of people greater than that for which it is planned.

All reservations are nominative and may under no circumstances be transferred to a third party, whether free of charge or against payment. Any reservation for others must be made out in the name of the third-party holder of the stay.

The client may not introduce into the room third parties not known to the hotelier without the latter's authorization.

Any luggage remaining in a room without renewal of the rental after 11:00 a.m. will be removed from the room and can be collected by its owner at the hotel reception.

Access to the rooms must be possible at least once a day so that the hotel staff can clean them or intervene in the event of a technical or security problem.

For security reasons, the "do not disturb" sign does not exempt you from this access.



The access key to the room is assigned personally, it is advisable to take care of it and to report to the reception of the hotel immediately any loss or disappearance.

The customer must not entrust his room key to a third party and must return it on the day of departure.

The client must ensure that the bedroom door is properly closed before leaving the said bedroom or going to bed.

In the event of loss or non-return of the key after departure, the hotel will charge a replacement fee of €50 and debit this amount from the customer's credit card.



The Customer must report any anomaly/damage as soon as he takes possession of his room so that we can remedy it. Failing this, any damage noted by hotel employees on departure will be invoiced to him.

The Customer accepts and undertakes to use the room as well as the common areas made available to him in a reasonable manner. Any behavior contrary to the principles of safety and/or hygiene, good morals and/or public order may lead the hotelier to ask the Customer to leave the establishment without any compensation and/or without any refund if a payment has already been made.

Children and minors are the full responsibility of their parents and/or accompanying persons and animals are the full responsibility of their owner. Any damage or nuisance caused voluntarily or involuntarily must be paid for by the person who booked the room.

Safes are available to customers in the rooms. The establishment declines all responsibility for values ​​not deposited in these safes.

Luggage in public areas is under the supervision and full responsibility of its owner.

The hotel staff is in no way responsible for letters and parcels sent to guests staying at the hotel. The customer will have to make arrangements to ensure that they receive them directly.

Items left or abandoned unclaimed after 1 month will be destroyed. If the customer requests the return of his belongings by parcel or mail, this will be done with tracking and insurance for valuables. The shipment will be made after the payment by the customer of the shipping costs.



We remind you that the total ban on smoking is in force in all public places (hall, corridor, cafeteria, public toilets, etc.) as well as in hotel rooms, even at the window. Spaces outside the hotel are equipped for smokers.

By violating this rule, we would be obliged to ask you for the payment of compensation, equal to a maximum of the price of the reserved room and a minimum of €99, corresponding to the costs of cleaning, smoke extraction and in any of cause, to the restoration of cleanliness.

Any untimely triggering of the fire alarm due to the violation of these provisions exposes you to indemnify us for all the costs inherent in the restoration of the fire safety system by a specialized technician and or the travel costs of the firefighters in the event that it would be billed by the fire brigade. Any direct or indirect neutralization of the smoke detector engages your civil and criminal liability for any direct or indirect material and/or bodily damage caused to our establishment, its employees, or its occupants.




For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use gas or electric appliances other than those made available by our establishment in the rooms.

The equipment made available to the customer in the room must be used in accordance with their use.

It is strictly forbidden to bring into the rooms and any part of the establishment illicit and/or dangerous objects or substances, any type of object or toy resembling a firearm, any type objects or toys that may disturb the tranquility of other customers (megaphones, horns, etc.).

It is forbidden to run, roll (skates, scooter, etc.) or shout in the establishment, day or night, to hang laundry in the windows, to throw any object out of the window and in general to have a behavior that may cause any type of harm to hotel guests, hotel employees and/or the hotel's reputation.

Any shooting of other occupants of the hotel or staff is prohibited, except with the express consent of the persons concerned.

A hotel room is a place of rest, all trade is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to cook in it.



In the event of damage, the hotel reserves the right to charge the customer the cost of repair or replacement. It is the same for any deterioration noted after the departure of the customer, the amount of the compensations will be debited on the credit card of the customer.

The hotel may demand, in the event of voluntary or involuntary damage to equipment, objects, furniture belonging to the hotel, full reimbursement with a penalty of damages.

The hotel may demand in the event of flooding or water damage, voluntary or involuntary, full reimbursement of the damage caused. In the event of damage to other rooms, reimbursement of the nights of other customers will be required.

The hotel may require a cleaning fee of €50 per additional half-hour of work if the room is left in a condition that will be deemed unsuitable.

In the event of damage to towels, linen, bedding, box springs, the hotel will demand full reimbursement of the damage. The minimum reimbursement amount is €50, and the maximum amount has no maximum and depends on the damage caused.



For the respect and rest of other customers, the customer and his companions must take care not to slam the doors or make noise, particularly between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Any neighborhood noise related to the behavior of a customer, one of his companions or an animal placed under his responsibility, may lead the hotelier to invite the customer to leave the establishment, without the need to carry out acoustic measurements, when the noise generated is likely to affect the tranquility of the customers. Any compensation offered to a third party following the noise caused by a client may be invoiced to him.

A hotel room is a place of rest, all trade is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to cook in it.



For your safety, this establishment is under video control (Internal Security Code, article L251-1 to L255-2 & R251-1 to R253-4). Customers must comply with the safety guidelines and instructions in the event of a claim or according to the provisions in force.



Animals are not accepted unless waived by the hotelier. Animals that would have been accepted must not be left alone without supervision.



Parking is charged at a flat rate of €33 per day and per car (no hourly billing). This is secure but unsupervised.

We decline all responsibility in the event of loss/theft/damage within the car park.

The maximum height of the car must be 1.9 meters.

You must pick up the parking card at the hotel reception and bring it back after each use.

If the parking card is lost, €60 will be charged for its replacement.



In the event of violation of the provisions of these regulations, the hotelier may immediately expel the client and all the persons sharing his stay without being able to demand any reimbursement from the hotel. He may also refuse any future booking.

It is reminded that the customer can contact the consumer mediator if he feels he has to contest the decision of the hotelier by contacting Médiation Tourisme et Voyage BP80303, 75823 Paris Cedex 17 – info@mtv.travel – www.mtv .travel